To use AllUmeeT, the data connection and the GPS must be enabled. You can change the map type, if you want.
You simply have to register and, if you like, give a description of you or just log in if you are already registered. You can always delete your account. If you tap on the magnifying glass, you see the public groups. If you go on it a second time, your private. With> Name! private group name <, you can also join the private group. When you tap on the group, you can see where individual members are.
You can tap on individual members to see where they are and them for eg send a message - if you want with images. If members of other groups are visible in the background, you can tap it and send them a message. With menu you can choose whether you take pictures or send a photo from your smartphone.
With Unmeet you can hide beams and chats from certain members and are for those no longer visible. You can also edit the Unmeet liste. With edit you can delete individual chats. Show groups and get off with edit.
Get off of individual groups. Create new groups. You can create a public or a private group.
With the beam icon you can send a message to all groups by using the + symbol. Now you can select the groups to which you want to send a message. You can also adjust the beam interval, as long as the new messages will be displayed. With friends mode only known members on the map are visible.
With friends mode you see at members with whom you have had no contact, a lightning symbol. To contact them, use this symbol and write a text in order to make the request. With register and edit you can edit your description. e.g. gender or mood